Every website needs a safe and cozy home. My Managed WordPress Service offers state-of-the-art protection through updates and backups. Automagically. Stress-free.

Fully managed. No worries.

Managed WordPress Hosting Business

  • A reliable WordPress instance only for you
  • Performance-optimized blazing fast server delivering very short load times
  • Nightly backups of all data
  • Update-Service: Don’t you worry about updates. It’s taken care of. Seriously.

Pricing: Tell me about your project to get a price

Managed WordPress Hosting Non-Profit

  • Identical to Business Plan
  • Reduced pricing for non-profits or very small businesses

Pricing: Tell me about your project to get a price

Managed Exchange Email Inbox

  • Reliable email inbox, unlimited number of aliases
  • Professional protection against spam and viruses
  • Including state-of-the-art web-mailer
  • Including synchronization of calendar and contacts
  • All features are available on your smartphone too
  • I’ll move your old inbox over for free

Pricing: Tell me how many mailboxes you need to get a price. There are 1 GB, 10 GB and 25 GB mailboxes.


  • I can easily be your One-Stop-Shop for webhosting and domains
  • You can have a single domain or a complete portfolio managed
  • For pros: I can add any DNS entries you’d like. All day long. No restrictions.


There’s more. Talk to me about your project to get a custom hosting solution.